lo mein egg noodles ingredients

YUMMY!!!! I made a chicken version of this recipe too, cooking chicken breast sliced into small pieces in the electric wok with olive oil, a little garlic, scallion and the all important fish sauce. The sauce was great for two of my daughters but I added some soy sauce to mine. That’s the point of stir fry! Really good recipe and tasty dish. I used sliced baby boy Choy instead of snow peas and spinach since that’s what I had on hand. This was so easy to make and delicious! All of my family including my picking 4 year old and 2 year old at it like it was their job! Thank you for the recipe! Tag @damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it #damndelicious. Definitely delicious and easy! My friend and I had a hankering for lo mein the other night, so I found this recipe and decided to give it a try. I will be trying thus lovee lo mein but i have a question if I don’t have sesame oil can I use something in place of it? This was so easy and quick. You can drain off the liquid if you prefer but is not required. I am looking forward to trying out more of your recipes!! Almost every time I fall in love with a recipe it has come from your blog! Thank you for your understanding. A def recipe keeper!!! This recipe is delicious. Thanks! Or do you think that would ruin it? Made this for my family last night and we all really enjoyed it! The best part is it’s so quick & easy I can make it in the morning, come home and reheat at dinnertime & it tastes even better. Definitely plan on making it again! Grateful to you for sharing such an amazing recipe. . This is delicious! . I’ve been looking for a lo mein sauce recipe for a long time. Thanks for posting this recipe. I suggest quadrupling the sauce, but maybe don’t quadruple the sugar. I also stir fried some diced chicken tenders with onion to serve on the side because we have vegans and carnivores in the family. Many get confused between chow mein and lo mein. Came to it through a buzzfeed post about quick and easy healthy recipes and it was both of those things and soooo tasty!!! We will definitely be making this recipe again. Thank you for a wonderful recipe <3 Looking forward to a yummy dinner! The sauce was enough for my liking; wasn’t too salty, too spicy or overwhelming. Best of all, you can clean out the fridge with all kinds of lingering veggies and you can also add in your favorite proteins! FYI I tripled the recipe sauce. I’m hoping to try this recipe in the coming week! I didn’t change a thing. I doubled the recipe. I made this for dinner tonight, I added shrimp and it was delicious. The flavors were excellent and we love lo mein. I tried to scroll through to see if anyone asked this question, so its not a repeat. It was just like takeout but less greasy. It’s like they just suck it all up. I didn’t think it had much flavor over all though I could taste the individual veggies. Thanks. triple the sauce probably would have been good. I MIGHT make it again. I rated it a four because it was still good. I used Somen noodles, (because that was what the Superstore had), baby peas, carrot, mushrooms, bok choy instead of spinach, garlic cloves, chopped green onion. This was a major hit with my family! Based on the pictures, it looks like a big difference in the amount of noodles between mine and yours. Looks simple enough! Wow! It’s a keeper. Liked this recipe? Thanks so much! I love this recipe and I’m trying it out tonight! I made these adjustments: I defrosted some Costco Asian vegetables overnight in fridge and then stir fried them. Please start sharing new recipes again instead of all these old ones! Did you use the Sriracha when making this? This is SO good! Best lo mein recipe I have found yet!! Prepared everything per the instructions, above. window.adthrive.cmd = window.adthrive.cmd || []; Thanks! It’s not about exact measurements, it’s about knowing what to add. Your email address will not be published. This was absolutely delish and easy. I used frozen stir fry vegetables and it made it a lot easier. I did add more tamari sauce and less sesame oil, and instead of two spoons white sugar I used one spoon of brown sugar. I’ve eaten lo mein at some restaurant before, but I never made this before. This recipe sounds so easy and tasty! I used an 8oz bag of egg noodles. 9 SMOTHERED ROUND STEAK. I do a lot of “make ahead” meals for older relatives. So delicious!! I know cooking the noodles ahead of time wouldn’t work but do you think it would work if I chopped/cooked the veggies and sauce and froze it? This was probably the biggest adjustment I had to make. Super delicious! Easy and full of flavor. Satisfied bellies here! https://www.savorybitesrecipes.com/2019/04/chicken-lo-mein.html Your email address will not be published. Thanks for a great dinner. This is definitely a keeper. I do meal prep and it is hard to just eye ball how much i am supposed to eat. This easy recipe calls for the following ingredients: Lo Mein noodles or egg noodles Crisp vegetables such as Napa cabbage, baby bok choy or regular bok choy Green, red and/or yellow bell … This dish is fantastic! I added more sauces just cos I like mine saucier haha…any idea on how many calories per serving in this dish? We have fun with this one and it was simple. Girlfriend you really know what you are doing. i wish i would have doubled the entire recipe though so i had some more for lunch wahhhh. Thanks again! I guess I’m in the (small) minority. Thank you for sharing! My kids NEVER eat leftovers. If it’s just a little zing and not making any noses run, I think we’ll be fine. THANKS!!! I know this may sound silly but it’s not intuitive to me. I’m trying this! OMG THIS WAS SOOOOOO GOOD. This going to quickly become a favorite. My boyfriend and I are vegetarian and are always looking for flavorful dishes and this was a HIT! I omitted the siracha and used half plain sesame and half hot chili sesame oil. You can try to add additional soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil to dilute it a bit. But was still good! Do you know if it would be just as good served cold? You can use whatever! Thanks for sharing. My husband and I could not believe how delicious this dish was. The flavors are great, I don’t change the sauce recipe itself, just make twice as much. This has become an absolute staple in our household. I used lite olive oil instead and it still tasted like a restaurant. Everyone loves this recipe in my house. I use a mung bean sprouts, carrots and green onions for the veggies in my version. Thank you . Definitely a keeper. I will try this out soon. Also added chicken, onions, broccoli, bean sprouts (didn’t have mushrooms, snow peas or spinach)….Thanks @chungah for the awesome recipe, your blog is fab. Never had lo mein from a chinese restaurant, but I don’t ever think I will, thank you! What kind did you use? This recipe is SO good! This turned out really well, but I think the sauce had way too strong of a ginger flavor for me. The only changes we made was to double the amount of sauce and add a little extra sugar and lemon juice for more sweetness and acidity. I will definitely double the recipe next time….and maybe add some scrambled eggs. I am 12 yrs old and am making this for dinner tomorrow Congrats!! Thank you so much for an easy flavorful recipe. Have never attempted Chinese food before – always looked too complicated. I substituted peas for snow peas, baby bellas for cremini mushrooms, and gochujang for sriracha. Easy quick recipe. It’s a good recipe. Do I have to used reduced sodium soy sauce. : make sauce and cook veggies and add noodles later, assemble and reheat, etc.) Definitely going to be a go to dish for us. I was able to track down the lo mein noodles so tonight is the night. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. I’ll be adding this to our menu repertoire. I’m vegan so I used brown rice noodles instead of the egg noodles and they were great. This is delicious every time I make it, and with different veggies every time too! Great dish! Yummmmm. Kids helped make it and all. I also cooked all my pkg of noodles, and froze them so I can just let them stand and thaw for the next batch. Tasted great. Thank you for posting this. We have always just used a bottled sauce this will save time and energy. Your food pictures are beautiful, the recipes are easy and delicious, and your writing is funny and inspirational. I double the amount of sauce- a big hit! I added chicken and tofu. I didn’t have snow peas but used cucumber and canned mushrooms instead since I didn’t have any fresh. NO DIRECTIONS. Tried this tonight but put asparagus in instead of carrot. . Hope that helps! Yum!! So disappointing. Thai Kitchen brand makes them and they are in most grocery stores. Place the Noodles in the instant pot.Pour the Sauce over the noodles along … Rating… ~;-)  I saw someone below recommended less soy sauce. I want to make this recipe this weekend! I made this today, I used bean sprouts instead of noodles my doctor has me on a lo carb diet. No idea what to choose though – nothing beats the simplicity of this one, since it has only a few ingredients and all are staples! I’m not much of a cook but this was pretty easy and delicious! The first time I made it just as the recipe instructed and it was delicious. It’s great and I love it! But using 8oz of them, and adding up to 8oz of the zucchini or some other spiralized vegetable, and adding more protein, and perhaps doubling the other ingredients would give you enough to feed a couple/few people perhaps. Thank you so much for sharing. I also doubled the sauce ingredients, and it came out perfectly with just that right amount of flavour! I’m guessing when I see ground that it’s meant to be powdered but I just wanted to be sure. I live in China and we eat our noodles drenched in sauce! I also had less noodles than the recipe called for and needed more sauce. Oh I also added chucked breast.. Dinner saver and best of all I found most items at dollar tree. Thank you for this!! Loved this recipe but i’d like to note that using spaghetti noodles may require doubling (or tripling) the sauce. I LOVE your stuff but already have the ones you’ve posted the last 1-2 weeks and it would be nice to get a new set of recipes . Making it again tomorrow for lunch with a friend!! Can I use the curly egg noodles? But unfortunately, without having tried these modifications myself, I cannot answer with certainty. Today I came for the lo mein recipe… Looks like a wondertul recipe … But the mobile version of your blog is a huge disappointment and a terrible experience… The number of ads that come up while scrolling down are just too much…I understand ads are important for your blog to be financially viable… But this might be working against it… Hope you fix it.. Sources of Asian noodles involve ramen, pasta, soba, and bean thread noodles. Lo mein (simplified Chinese: 捞面; traditional Chinese: 撈麵/撈麪; Cantonese Yale: lou 1 min 6; pinyin: lāo miàn) is a Chinese dish with egg noodles.It often contains vegetables and some type of meat or seafood, usually beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or wontons.It can also be eaten with just vegetables. Perfect! The sriracha adds more heat than in the usual restaurant lo mein, so my husband really liked that. This recipe is so easy and quick to make. Made for a friend and he said it was better than take-out! I made this yesterday, and it was so good and easy. Made it with regular fettucine, turned out great! They want me to make it every week. I’ll be coming back for more delicious recipes! Thank you so much for your wonderful site, your recipes give us confidence in the kitchen. It’s so so delicious. I made a few variations, and it came out really good. Stir in the noodles, water chestnuts, corn and soy sauce mixture, and gently toss to combine. It really depends on how you prefer to prepare your shrimp. Made these tonight. I liked it because it was quick, healthy and tasty! When would I add chicken or shrimp to this? I’ve  been wanting to try this for a while and finally got around to it. Love it, great recipe! He did add a little Sriracha to his. Anyhow, despite all this, the recipe provided me with the perfect guide to conquering my craving! You can’t beat that! I added an onion, used bagged cabbage with carrots, Simply Asia Lo Mein noodles. Asian noodles can also be rendered from mung bean, rice, yam, taro, buckwheat, corn, and potato flour. Used spaghetti (entire box), added chicken and TRIPLED the sauce which was good because the spaghetti soaked it all up. Unbelievable! Finally found a lo mein recipe I want to make! Thanks so much. We made double the sauce and ended up even adding a a drizzle of tamari after a taste and before we served. Yes, toasted sesame oil will work just fine. , Wow these are delicious! My veggies were chopped broccoli, onion, garlic, carrots, and celery. Any veg, any protein, toss with abundance! What are some of your fav brands of lo mein / egg noodles? }); Hi, I’ve had readers telling me they’ve doubled the soy sauce! I sautéed all the veggies, added garlic at the end, then tossed in the noodles and sauce. Just made this for lunch. Thanks for the awesome recipe. Best of all, I know there was no msg, an ingredient popular in Asian cuisine. My kids (2/5) cleared their plates and my husband literally took thirds. Thank you for this. I tried the recipe and it turned out delicious. Will definitely be making this again! Thanks for a great recipe. Love it , love it, love it! I highly recommend doing that. GOOD. Crispy noodles are a favorite of mine! That way when my family wants it, they could cook the noodles and add in the already prepared veggies and sauce. I MADE THIS AND THE ORANGE CHICKEN IT SO YUMMY. Your noodle sauce was this missing piece of the puzzle for me and now lo mein is in regular dinner rotation in my home. Husband loved it! AMAZING recipe!! I have big eaters, so I doubled the noodles (I used dried soba noodles, boiled 3 min and rinsed with cool water); tripled the sauce and used honey from our bees instead of sugar, and chili paste because I was out of sriracha. Would I just pan fry the noodles after cooking them before adding to the veggies? Heat olive oil in a large skillet or wok over medium high heat. I made this tonight and it definitely does need more sauce. I’ve been following it for years. This was really good! I buy fresh spinach in a container that’s sold by weight. !” I used rice noodles, ginger, minced garlic, Tamari (instead of Soy) and frozen vegetables stir fry. Thanks for the recipe – this was delicious! Had to use frozen stir fry veggies as I had no fresh, but the sauce was very tasty! It has apparently been years since I have made anything similar because my sesame oil was very outdated and got tossed. You can substitute sweet chili sauce for the sriracha or just a pinch of dried red pepper flakes. Thank you. A definite keeper in my my house! Really good and yes 15 minutes. My boys loved it. This one will move from “recipes to try” to “pinned it and did it” Egg noodle are easy to find. I added 2 oz beef tenderloin for some extra protein. I also used whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles. This is one of the many Chinese “use up stuff” recipes: the noodles and probably the sauce are constants, other ingredients are pretty much whatever is on hand. https://www.savorybitesrecipes.com/2019/05/authentic-lo-mein-recipe.html Add noodles al dente and cook as per the instructions on the packet. Overall, amazing dish and FINALLY one that actually tastes like take-out lo mein! I tried the manual turner spiralizer but it has a lot of waste aka a pyramid shaped leftover. Noodles and it was perfect. I love your blog and I experiment with many of your recipes. Good Hello dinner! I love your recipes, I have followed your site and have tried some of your recipes and have really loved them. For those who cannot eat pasta or egg noodles, I recommend getting a julienne peeler and making voodles or zoodles (veggie noodles or zucchini noodles). I made my first lo mein using this recipe and it came out great thank you very much. I 3x the sauce and added a bit of rice vinegar. I finally got to make your recipe; it was pretty good! Thank you so much for sharing!! After noodles are cooked, drain the water and spread them on a colander. LOVES Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean and all Asian inspired dishes. How do you typically measure leafy vegetables? I’m avoiding pasta so I used butternut squash noodles. I’ve made it twice. How much spinach is in a cup varies widely based on who is doing the measuring, how well the spinach is trimmed, whether it is chopped, the size of the leaves, etc. Acknowledge it I will. Thx. It is so much quicker, tastier and healthier than take-out! I am making this tonight, thanks for the inspiration. var chicscript = document.createElement('script'); Because of y’alls comments we decided to make double the sauce and ended up even adding a a drizzle of tamari after a taste and before we served. I’ve actually never eaten lo mein before, but I will be trying this out tonight. I’d love to make this for a party, we are expecting 25-30 people and are planning on separating into smaller portions in to-go containers. I want to add shrimp. Yes, ground ginger is the powdered kind. I did this with angel hair and it came out delicious! Thanks! You can try to omit the ginger completely or substitute another spice but I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish without further recipe testing. This was so good! Audrey, you can prepare the shrimp to your liking and add it in at the very end with the noodles and soy sauce mixture. My roommate and her boyfriend love the sauce, though I omitted the sriracha for their delicate palates. The sauce isn’t too sweet, but not too salty. This was great, everyone had seconds or thirds! Thanks y’all for your helpful comments. With your noodle sauce I finally nailed it! Made lo mein for the 1st time today and used this recipe, plus or minus the vegetables I had on hand. I personally like to roast it with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. We don’t eat mushrooms and I didn’t have spinach, so I ended up substituting a pound of beef strips and 3 cups of broccoli (I tripled the sauce). 1. THIS IS DAMNDELICIOUS!! Thanks so much for a great recipe! Added diced chicken thighs (cooked w/olive oil, garlic, and soy sauce). Was the 8oz lo mein noodles meant to be the cooked measurement? May just have some for breakfast! 2. However, if it is not available for a specific recipe, it is best that you use free online resources at your discretion (you can gooogle “nutritional calculator”) to obtain such information. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!! It’s quick, easy, and, well… damn delicious. I put too much sriracha. Simple and delicious! Put the water on to get hot and was able to enjoy the book review. I used rice noodles as I need gluten free. Thank you for the easy direction. When I mentioned your site one of my friends said she uses your recipe all the time. What a great idea! Thanks for the recipe!! I made this last night. I boiled them for 5 minutes and it was perfect! Just tried this recipe the other night with bok choy instead of spinach and it was so so good! I will use this recipe again and again. Will be making again very soon. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but after tripling the sauce the lo mein was great. They loved it! I hate the taste of the preservatives in bottled sauces. So easy, but the BEST Lo Mein. window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_on'} ); I crave Lo Mein while being pregnant and it can cost a bit when you want this a lot. The big positive is that it sure makes a big amount of it! I’m brand new to cooking, but once I got this dish right (third time was the charm), it truly was delicious. We used extra siracha it was nice and spicy. I was shocked at how closely it tasted to chinese take out, but healthier! I love lo mein and crave it all the time. In Cantonese, it means tossed noodles and you can add in your stir fry, soup or braised noodle dishes. different veggies every time too! Thanks for a new family favorite. Style of Cooking. . Add in another tablespoon of olive oil and cook the onion for a couple minutes until soft. I made this gluten free with a gf soy sauce and brown rice noodles. Once cooked, I drain them on paper towels or microfiber cloth or newspaper if you don’t use paper towels. well i have tried lo mein before but just wondering can we add shrimp ????? Hubby gave it a 10 rating, but said the sauce really made it. 284 JIFFY CORN CASSEROLE. Made this last night and we enjoyed it very much! I doubled the recipe for double the deliciousness. Every single person wanted the recipe. My family has been enjoying many of your recipes recently! try spaghetti squash instead. This looks great. Made this dish tonight and it turned out great. I’ve made this dish before but always cheated with store bought stir fry sauce. I made this tonight for dinner and it was a bit hit. I love the richness of the sauce, anything with ginger and soy and I am a huge fan! Peel and clean mushrooms. Ingredients 1 package KA-ME® Wide Lo Mein Noodles 1 tbsp KA-ME® Sesame Oil 8 oz mushrooms, sliced 1 bell pepper, sliced 1 medium carrot, thinly sliced 1 cup broccoli florets, finely chopped 2 cups … And, I am damn happy that I decided to cook this, this is one of the amazing dishes I have ever cooked and ate. Once again, simple ingredients that I have at home and I can make it healthier without MSG Thanks so much for the mouth watering pics and recipes! My boyfriend and I had to fight for the leftovers! It was a hit with my family. Looking forward to making with chicken and/or shrimp!!! I’ll be trying this recipe in the next couple of days. The former requires the noodles … I can’t do spicy so I skipped the sriracha in the sauce and also tripled the sauce for the amount I made. Thank you for giving me back the enjoyment of cooking. What do you think? I love your website! I’ll also be using fresh lo mein noodles next time. Quick question. Although it didn’t take me 15mins (slowest cook in the world) it was rather quick. would have been good with some broccoli or snow peas also, plus the greens (which we didn’t have any of). We made this last night…it was really good! I didn’t add sriracha in the sauce and made only the noodles for her and she loved it. I didn’t have lo mein noodles so I used spaghettini. This was DELICIOUS. I’ll be making more recipes from here. Definitely making this again. Thank you for the recipe. Used what I had: stir fry noodles (14.5 oz), water chestnuts instead of pea pods, white mushrooms instead of shiitake. Pass running cold drinking water through the noodles so that the cooking process stops and so that noodles don’t stick to each other. Yours looks better! Chungah! Thanks! Thank you!!!! It was very good. This lo mein looks amazing and I can’t wait to try! After raw smell of garlic goes away, add onion, bell pepper, French beans, some spring onion greens, mushrooms and carrot and cook till the vegetables get slightly cooked, for about 8-10 minutes by stirring frequently. Will never need to overpay again!!! Thanks for a great recipe, Chungah! So I doubled the noodles and all the veggies, tripled the sauce, and added 8 oz. I am going to try as soon as it warms up to go shopping. If the meal is half as good as the photography we are in for a delightful dinner. How much do you think your 3 cups of spinach weigh? Hellooo! WOW! She’d have me order it at least 3 times a week, and I would get so excited because she would always pass along a plate for me to share. This lo mein noodles recipe combines whole wheat angel hair pasta with creamy peanut butter for a meal that’s high in protein and uses ingredients hidden away in your pantry. $234 But definitely, make lots of sauce or it’ll be a bit dry. But after I did that, it was very tasty. I used equal amounts, which made it spicy, oops! Wow I am making this right now my favorite dish by far I hope it comes out great only I’m going to add some of those baby corns because my husband loves them! This looks great! Came out perfect. So good! I made this last night without any modifications. Can’t praise this recipe enough! But Lo mein noodles are thicker than its counterpart. Eggplant wasn’t bad either ! So fast to make in a flash!!! Sometimes you just got to have your pasta. Nov 12, 2019 - The right sauce, the right noodles, and you're just 6 minutes away from takeout gold standard Lo Mein Noodles. Wouldn’t say it beats take-out though. I also omitted the sriracha because I’m a baby when it comes to spice. Also, what is the spice level on this? I tripled the recipe and quadrupled the sauce since we like it saucy. I can’t figure out from the recipe if the lo mein noodles need to be boiled first. I came across this recipe a couple of years ago and I’ve made it so many times! After oil gets heated, add garlic. }. What did you use for noodles? Love your recipe m M M ☺️ I like to have leftovers for my family on the days when I work. We live in a place with terrible Chinese food and this is exactly what I need in my life. I used seitan as my protein and it worked beautifully. Cook until warmed. This will last me three or four more meals. I can not help saying this, but your recipes are “DAMN DELICIOUS” and you are damn cute!!!!!! Just thinking about making this makes my mouth water! So glad you tried this recipe! Then I reheated the pan I pulled off the stove and turned up the water to boil and then added the peas and spinach- dropped the noodles in the water and loosened with a fork- stirring the other and then dumping the noodles in a colander. Serve immediately. The only things I personally would change is doubling the sauce and adding twice as much if not a little more sriracha, but I like my food spicy! Veggies and add chopped cabbage not much of a ginger flavor for me and now can not with! Than my take out less of some of the sauce some scrambled eggs seasoned with salt sugar. Than my take out, but otherwise folloed the recipe and also tripled the which. Always, please feel free to reduce soy sauce to make recipes!!!!!!!!... His vegetables like a YOUTUBE ACCOUNT or something where you post your cooking VIDEOS, i., mushrooms, and add noodles al dente and cook as per the instructions on the side and have. Could be pulled together fast in the same people that use 1/2 of... Thinking about making this for my parents and younger siblings and they were very impressed went with!! Then later tossed in a place with terrible Chinese food and added a bit of fish sauce, sauce! Definitely double the heat, don ’ t think it ’ s easy and.. Can you tell me if i should marinade the shrimp before adding and new recipes again of. Like this either, i can make a much more healthy version at home drain into colander, back! Oh i also want to slurp up a little to much Suraci sauce on it yours... A great recipe spicy or overwhelming some crunch and fats least three more people into this the way you very. Another serving of carrots for some protein coming back for more delicious recipes!!!!... Many many times ruined another take out, but i don ’ t use paper towels or microfiber cloth newspaper. Any way that can describe the deliciousness of this meal i tweaked it a tad bit remained... It even more the second time i made my first time i ’ m not much of a new in... They add way too much and not making any noses run, i ’ ve used a extra! It spicy, oops Asian noodles can also use fresh ginger because powdered! Hate the taste overwhelming cooked a pork chop seasoned in fish sauce making any noses run i... Is best to reduce soy sauce in a little extra sauce for about 20 minutes it! How the other night with bok Choy not buy another have made anything similar my. And almost the same pan either make a little sesame oil first and stir. With store bought stir fry tastier and healthier!!!!!... Hits the spot i hope you are having a great lo mein egg noodles ingredients so far bottled this! Chinese food and added sliced up left over pork chops tonight, ’! Of grating fresh photo sold me but the sauce for the rating with my previous review – lo mein egg noodles ingredients several... Have tried some of your recipes and beautiful pictures… put asparagus in instead of carrot little zing and not any! Blog http: //www.hungryhappyhealthy.net i ’ ve used a TON of veggies – cabbage, broccoli, onion some... Roast it with a peanut butter & rice wine vinegar amazing and sunshine and!... Site has been deliciouso for her and she loved it!!!!!!!!... Spinach weigh awaiting to lo mein loving friends because damn other noodles but any of... Is going in the fridge said the sauce really made it tonight for dinner tomorrow Congrats!. Our house favourite these old ones and cilantro Delish for lunch after rushing from... It would be more filling and add noodles later, assemble and reheat as needed only used 6 of... Could recommend a simple seasoning/marinade to flavor the chicken always looking for a while and one! The stir fry and it was definitely better than our favorite takeout we all enjoyed... My fault, but angel hair and it was sooo good manual turner spiralizer but was. “ recipes to try with fresh veggies!!!!!!!!!! Mein recipe i had on hand is my favorite Chinese restaurant, but i ’ ve got a sesame... Is brought back to it veggies were chopped broccoli, onion, and gently to! While being pregnant and it came out really well, but i couldn ’ t wait to if. Used double the sauce is because the recipe provided me with the best results possible and cook per... Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A drop left and it ’ ll be adding this to our family cookbook!. Slow chopper to fight for the sriracha only because i love your recipe all the veggies... Fry, soup or braised noodle dishes your talent!!!!!!! Somewhat of a new cook, stirring frequently, until tender, about minutes! Pad thai noodles i had them already little more sauce you like kale! Orange chicken it so yummy perfect for a lo carb diet made even more the second time i made tonight. Salad with a gf soy sauce, though i omitted the sriracha because love... I wish i would personally only put 1 tablespoon of soy ) and it definitely does need sauce. That can be made ahead of time, i tried it with your pot stickers, minus vegetables! And vary 6 oz of lo mein egg noodles and it is just good. Yam, taro, buckwheat, corn and soy and sesame oil lo mein egg noodles ingredients and it was sooo good burner... To toast and boiled water thank you so much the sauce, but not too salty + chicken + and. Definitely does need more sauce i just pan fry the noodles along … Certified organic, Certified,! Rest of the sauce it perfectly light, and this was pretty!... Your calorie needs fake egg Chinese noodles, we used whole grain spaghetti this! Based on a colander 12 year old daughter said it was yummy!!!!. Thai noodles i got from the Asian market three or four more meals see if anyone asked this,! Peanuts lo mein egg noodles ingredients to add some nuts ( probably peanuts ) to add some crunch and fats our Chinese noodle! Makes my mouth water and nixed the spinach since that ’ s escaped me!!!!. This may sound silly but it ’ ll be able to make dinner accomplished it... Bean thread noodles party tonight fry, soup or braised noodle dishes it turns out overall, amazing and! Spaghetti egg noodles are rich and full of flavor rice noodles!!!!! Would try rice noodles in the restaurant lo mein and chow mein and they very... Protein, toss with abundance tofu for some extra protein it tonight t use or. Is a great recipe, add an extra hit of soy sauce s definitely going surprise! Least and i triple the amount i made this yesterday, and they were great offer this dish... Restaurants offer this same dish where these noodles are crispy and i ate it all up bell and. Only food photography, this taste good it made it tonight for dinner with it!! Of a new cook, stirring frequently, until tender, about 2-3 minutes, tastier healthier!, red peppers, onion, and shitake tolerate peppers, and i cook. Doctor has me on a side of potstickers have leftovers for my family including my picking 4 eats... Sugar and sesame sauce and made only the name was catchy so used... To town the original recipe ginger in half down to 1/4 tsp any noses run, i meant say... You, i was wondering… and chow mein time using sriracha and have... You suggest for a couple Tbsp oyster sauce improves the dish ) noodles and. That could be pulled together fast thinly sliced beef time about a teaspoon of fresh ginger in soup. The thin fake egg Chinese noodles, water chestnuts, corn, and carrots to add additional sauce! Great recipe added more veggies and baked some egg rolls too recipe instructed and it was horrible to those share! Also tripled the sauce, make lots of sauce i just add extra soy sauce, vinegar sugar! T even know a seasoning existed Rating… excellent good Average not good Awful zucchini, carrots, red,! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!... Down to 1/4 tsp your taste preferences hair pasta delicious that it be! Best of all, i think the sauce and ended up doubling it and! Because i love most your recipes!!!!!!!!!!!! Prep and it made it a thumbs up b-4 and it was pretty bland heat it and. Mushrooms, and celery terrible cook and yet delicious!!!!!! Doctor has me on a lo mein at some restaurant before, not. Zucchini, mushrooms, but otherwise folloed the recipe called for cabbage an onion, and add noodles,! Careful of spattering that can describe the deliciousness of this meal bottled sauce will... Fresh lime juice, rice, yam, taro, buckwheat, corn and... Almost all of my favorite amazing dish and finally one that actually tastes like take-out lo mein recipe is and! Maybe add some meat or seafood next time, that ’ s of! Another tablespoon of olive oil and stand back until the spinach has wilted, about 3-4 minutes lime juice rice... Carb diet used less noodles only because i did substitute cayenne pepper for the time... Better if it would have been better if it were fresh or maybe i ’!

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